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  • Jacky on 2015-Sep-05 12:28:49 Jacky said

    According to people I spoke to, the alppication time will open from August until January. Then they send the files to the colleges to conduct interviews. The interviews usually happen between February May. You usually hear about the decision 1-2 months after the interviews (Maximum in June). If you have already applied and obtained an admission from a university, you can travel for Fall 2013. If you didn't apply, you can travel for for Spring 2013 or Fall 2014. You can't work as TA after you study MBA. You must continue your PhD after MBA right away.Regarding the salary, you will be paid twice. Salary from Kuwait University a monthly allowance to cover living expenses. I remember the salary is around 900KD and the monthly allowance around $1500 but I think they increased both of them.Good luck!
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